We started with ONE Question ... and it grew into a Movement ...


How can our creativity and innovation edify God's people in worship and mission? This question obviously has as many solutions as there are members in God's kingdom family. Whether we flesh out our inventiveness in media & technology, government, business, family, church, the arts or entertainment, or in some combination thereof, we nonetheless can see God's will being done on earth as it is in heaven through the Christlike thoughts of our transformed minds, the affections of hearts, and the works of our hands! 


Connect, Contribute, Develop

GCP's Marketplace is a Family of Businesses & Innovators for Christian creatives and innovators. Think LinkedIn for the Big "C" global church. Visit this part of our website because you want to network, meet people, and make connections. We want you to participate in and benefit from joining our global marketplace and learn how to develop your own little Garden City on the ground in your local community.

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|  GCP Educate| 
Learn & Teach

A Family of Educator's working together in Private Music/Art Lessons, LIVE Streaming and Course Creation using any educational platform available to develop our reasoned worldview. Learn how you can teach for us, form your own LIVE streaming channel, create a class, take a class, or facilitate a class already created.

Our Publication and Production resources, teaches, disciples and trains people in character and creativity in order to learn and grow in the thinking of our Triune God. God has given us all something to teach, and as disciples (learners) he's tasked us to pass on we know, and to humbly learn more from others.

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|  GCP Doxology  |  
Create & Curate

Visit this part of the website because you want to support, purchase, benefit from, and invest your talents in our various projects. Dozens of artists and innovator from our Family of Artists and Innovators work together to carry out our aim to learn truth in our head, grow in our affections for truth in our hearts, and to doxologically express and explore it through the works of our hands in order to better love God and love others! 

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At Garden City we prioritize the "little guy." Our Circular Funding Model helps us produce the projects that mean the most, and then through generosity, turn any notoriety or profits made from what we do back into helping to launch the next idea. When you create with Garden City, you join a cause that serves you, and those coming behind with the best prices and talent in the industry in a one stop place where your family, your event, band, business, campaign, course, or promotion can come to launch your NEXT THING.

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Learn About Our "Parables of Christ Project" to help those caught in Human Trafficking.

A Gospel Album Releasing
August 25, 2016